GENRES: Bass / Party / House


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Through a leaking bodily cavity resembling the pork found in Chinese restaurants, Satan shat out a crystal beaming with glowing red embers. This crystal matured into the fetus of GNGE.

GNGE was placed on earth as a weeping fetus, the sound of inevitability. As he grew, his ancestral roots took on a magnetic channelling power, more than his feeble mind could ever consciously fathom.

“Purveyor of infectious grooves and a feel-good atmosphere.”

Never afraid to go too deep, his emotive musical selections are his own therapy. Having quite a mixed spectrum of musical influence, this translates well into sets where he picks apart and infuses it together with all the pieces of music that he loves best.

His influences include the chirping of crickets, the whirring of space ships, and the sweet sounds of whistling voodoo magic. However, GNGE draws the majority of his inspiration from Robert Downey Jr., and the idea of releasing the shackles that bind Downey so he can finally do heroin in peace. He also enjoys cooking, long walks on the beach and candle lit dinners.

Venues - Rattlesnake Motel, Aviary Rooftop Bar, Hyde Paradiso, Public Bar Brisbane, Sunday’s @ Stockies, Love Nightlife, Shooters NC, Burleigh Heads Hotel, Beer Garden Surfers Paradise, Single Fin Bali, Alley Cats Kuta, HOME Lounge Bar Samoa.

Events - Red Bull Winter Wonderland, Red Bull X Fighters, Red Bull X Billabong Parties.
Supports - The Thundamentals (Year of The Thundacat Tour). Havana Brown (Hyde Launch Party), Chris Royal, Soundcheck, Wongo, Little Fritter.